Tanzanite named after its country of discovery is a blue / violet gemstone which is now used as the December birthstone. The gemstone has become very popular over the years due to the rarity of the item. Unlike other stones Tanzanite is only found one place in the world – Tanzania.

Tanzanite is gaining popularity in the jewellery department with soon to be weds wanting wedding and engagement rings. The trend is definitely not limited to newlyweds as a high number of stunning jewellery has been made into necklaces, earrings and bands. The price of tanzanite depends on a number of characteristics, namely the weight, size and clarity. Prices will further be affected by the designer and distributer.

If you are looking where to buy loose Tanzanite stones then feel free to look around the Tanzanite Cape Town online retail store.  Tanzanite has been selling successfully online since the year 2000.

All gemstones listed on this website are certified unless stated otherwise and Tanzanite.CapeTown certifies all its Tanzanite and Opals through GISA (Gemmology Institute of Southern Africa). All stones go through an advanced and thorough barrage of industry recognised testing procedures.

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